Happy Engagement Atika & Iki!

First of all, congrats for your engagement, Atika & Iki!
Hopefully, it can be the beginning of your plans and intentions. Please take care of each other, strengthen your relationship. Bcs, what i know for sure is, the closer you get to your wedding day, the more obstacles will come.

lamaran atika
A very-rare picture of us.

Secondly, thank you, bcs of your day, I can finally meet this little hooman after 4 months of social distancing. I hate covid-19, but it gave me an undescribeable day the moment I met her. I even screamed while we’re in the car: “Yeayyy! Akhirnya ketemu juga setelah 4 bulan! Kangen banget…” and she was like “Pret… 😪”. Hahaha. 🤣

To be honest, we’re social distancing before it was cool. But, those quarantine days created more distance between us even our home was like 3 steps away, but we never really meet in person.

Look at those eyes, I was petrified.

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